Slide Slide Papomi is a flexible utility with many applications but it’s features have been specifically curated for feedback explorations The dc coupled mixer, made with low distortion, low offset, low noise opamps, provides clean, artifact free summing of audio or control signals Thanks to electronic notching, the dc offset control is easy to null, ensuring the integrity of your signals when it matters The mixer output is directly available for listening, and half-normalled to the input of the dynamic routing and polarity section. Panning and polarizing are simultaneously available using a single set of controls, but with separate outputs. These outputs can be patched to different branches of a network that feed back into the mixer, where attenuverters and dc offset sculpt the response of the network

Multifunctional Utility

  • Panner
  • Polarizer
  • Mixer

Flexible and Convenient

Independent functions organized as a hub for feedback networks


  • 8hp 3U 24mm depth
  • 50ma +12v, 40ma -12v
  • reverse polarity protected

Place the cursor above each control for an explanation of what it does