• Envelope Generator

  • Low Frequency Oscillator

  • Audio Oscillator


Reference and Phase Offset waveforms make it super easy for low frequency oscillations to slide in and out of sync with each other.

Ping, Pong, PingPong

  • swap attack and decay times

  • alternate attack and decay times

  • changes are quantized to trigger/cycle


Audio, Mid, and Low ranges provide access to frequencies from 50kHz to 0Hz.

Tight Integration

Dynamic trigger input circuitry is aware of cycle, hard sync, and range controls and adapts it’s behavior accordingly.

Here's the Pitch

1 Volt per octave input tracks pitch accurately


Inverting your envelope without changing amplitude or polarity means the modulation stays constant and never clips or goes out of range.

All Analog Goodness

No Microprocessors in this device


  • 10hp 3U 39mm depth

  • 110ma +12v, 80ma -12v

  • reverse polarity protected